Alfajores Balcarce Mixtos (Sugar and Chocolate Coated)

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Alfajores Balcarce Mixtos (Sugar and Chocolate Coated)

Quick Overview

  • 12 Alfajores Clasicos
  • 6x covered in chocolate, 6x covered in powdered sugar
  • Filled with fine Argentinian Dulce de Leche
  • Semi-hard coating crumbles in one bite
  • Enjoyed best with a latte or tea

Found In:
Mar Del Plata, Argentina


A repeat of a delicious chocolaty treat that'll sell out in less time than it takes a woman to reject me; that means I get to critique the description I wrote the last time we offered this product- YES!

The first rule of something is to give the people what they want- Pierce Brosnan told that to the bad guy in Tomorrow Never Dies, right before letting a giant drill run into him.

The author was overly vague on purpose- he knew that it was the first rule of "media," but that has nothing to do with alfajores, so he pretended not to know. What a scam artist. And who mentions guys being hit by giant drills in a description about a succulent chocolate and caramel dessert?

Thus, in the spirit of James Bond, aka the best James Bond ever- a statement to which no one would ever dare argue," Newsflash- old people (aka anyone over 28) are more sold on the idea of Sean Connery as the quintessential James Bond as they are that the moon landing really happened. While neither are true, you're never going to win either of those arguments.

leftovers from last night's Easter dinner. Sorry- "Spring" dinner (didn't mean to offend- please don't call the ACLU." No criticism there. But take a bite into one of these alfajores and for a few seconds maybe you'll forget that in 5 months you won't be allowed to you say "Merry Christmas" without a lawsuit.

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