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Discover amazing treats, artisan food, and locally sourced eats on Foodsherpa.

Experience an exciting new tasty food item every day through Foodsherpa. We scour food markets, artisan shops, local farms and more across the country and feature one amazing food item daily. You can check it out on our website or receive a daily email and even buy it to enjoy at amongst friends or on your own.

We make it simple.

We feature one new food item every single day. If this product sells out that day, a new item will not appear until the next.

We offer unique items.

We focus on fresh unique ideas from small batch artisan producers in order to provide you with high quality eats designed to make any tummy scream yum.

We are what we eat.

We only sell food that we would feed ourselves, our children and our children’s children. Our food will be fresh, natural and made by people passionate about food. We will not serve you food from the industrial food complex.

We strive to be a community of food lovers.

We want people to enjoy every item featured on our site and be excited to share it with their friends. We value your feedback and will respond to questions posted on the home page or sent to us by email:

To all of our fans, from your friends at foodsherpa - Thank you and happy eating!

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Thanks to bossacafez for her beautiful macaron photo that can be found on our signup page :)